Principal's Desk


Living in an era that is marked by revolutionary changes in technology every second, it becomes paramount for an educational institution to keep up with the changing times. Education of new millennium needs to be technologically innovative and challengingly creative. It should prepare the students for challenges of tomorrow; at the same time, our rich cultural heritage should be taught to be appreciated and respected.

SST College opens up a wonderful world of Knowledge, Learning, Opportunities and Skills to every student who enters its gates. It is a world of true enlightenment where excellence is the motto, manifestation of perfections is the goal, and where moral, social and intellectual values are the essence. It is a world where your son/daughter learns not to merely classroom subjects, ;but also our country's rich traditions and cultural heritage.

Innovative teaching methodologies, integrated approach to the development of the student's personality, the right atmosphere to build talent, and a nurturing environment to accomplish our mission are the salient features at SSTC.

While welcoming your child into our fold, I take this opportunity to congratulate you for your discerning choice of the right place that provides the right education in the right environment.

Founder Principal
Prof. Purswani