A candidate for being eligible for admission to three year integrated course leading to the Bachelor of Commerce must have passed Std. XII Examination conducted by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or its equivalent examination with the following subjects:

Duration of the Course

Duration of the course shall be six semesters spread over 3 years.

First Year B.M.M


Course code Subjects
UBMMFSI.1 Effective Communication Skills-I
UBMMFSI.2 Fundamentals of Mass Communication
UBMMFSI.3 Introduction to Computers
UBMMFSI.4 Landmark Events in 20th Century History of World India & Maharashtra
UBMMFSI.5 Introduction to Sociology, the sociology of news and social movements in india
UBMMFSI.6 Introduction to Economics


Course code Subjects
UBMMFSII.1 Effective Communication Skills-II
UBMMFSII. 2 Political Concepts and Indian Political System
UBMMFSII. 3 Principles of Management
UBMMFSII. 4 Introduction to Psychology
UBMMFSII. 5 An Introduction to Literature
UBMMFSII. 6 Principle of Marketing

Second Year B.Com


Course code Subjects
UBMMFSIII.1 Advanced Computers
UBMMFSIII. 2 Understanding Cinema
UBMMFSIII. 3 Introduction to Public Relation
UBMMFSIII. 4 Introduction to Media Studies
UBMMFSIII. 5 Introduction to Culture Studies
UBMMFSIII. 6 Introduction to Creative Writing


Course code Subjects
UBMMFSIV.1 Mass Media Research
UBMMFSIV. 2 Introduction to Advertising
UBMMFSIV. 3 Organisation Behavior
UBMMFSIV. 4 Radio and Television
UBMMFSIV. 5 Introduction to Journalism
UBMMFSIV. 6 Print Production and Photography

Third Year B.M.M


Course code Subjects
UBMMFSV.1 Reporting(Journalism Specialisation)
UBMMFSV. 2 Editing
UBMMFSV. 3 Feature & Opinion
UBMMFSV. 4 Journalism & Public Opinion
UBMMFSV. 5 India Regional Journalism
UBMMFSV. 6 Newspaper & Magazine Making(Project Paper)


Course code Subjects
UBMMFSVI.1 Press Laws & Ethics
UBMMFSVI. 2 Broadcast Journalism
UBMMFSVI. 3 Business & Magazine Journalism
UBMMFSVI. 4 News Media Issues
UBMMFSVI. 5 Global Media Issues
UBMMFSVI. 6 Contemporary Issues
UBMMFSVI. 7 Digital Media